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Almag – 01

Portable Magnetotherapy Device

Almag - PEMF
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The rapid pace of modern life, environmental influence and predisposed factors provoke disorders which often become chronic. The attempts to cure these ailments using various methods in most cases give no results causing periodic exacerbation of the disease with a number of side effect. Through intense scientific research and clinical trials resulted in the development of ALMAG-01 Portable Magnetotherapy Device with a Traveling Pulsed Magnetic Field.

PEMF devices were approved by the FDA in 1979 for the stimulation of bone growth. It was approved in the US in 1991 as an adjunct for treatment of post-operative edema and pain. It was again approved by the FDA in 2004 for patients with a high risk for non-fusion, as an adjunct to cervical fusion surgery. It's a proven safe therapy for fractures and a variety of other problems.

Device indications include a wide list if diseases : locomotor system diseases, neurologic diseases, cardiovascular disorders, gastrointestinal tract disorders, chronic nonspecific lung diseases and female genital organs diseases. The device has minimum contraindications.

Advantages of PEMF

Large depth and area of penetration allow selecting the treatment of all organs with minimum side effects or allergic reactions.

High therapeutic effect is following a repeated course of treatment and doesn't build up a tolerance.

Through years of Scientific Studies and Clinical trials in Russia, Europe & USA have also revealed these advantages:

  • Energy Boost
  • Stimulates Release of Neuropeptides
  • Improves Micro Circulation
  • Decreases Swelling, Inflammation & Pain
  • Detoxification Improvement
  • Better Nutrient & Oxygen Uptake
  • Improved DNA & RNA Production
  • Higher Response to IV Infusions
  • Higher Response to Heat Treatment
  • Anti-Oxidation Regulation
  • Stimulates Re-differentiation of Cells
  • Increase ATP Production

ALMAG 01 is simple and easy to use having no exact portable analogs and differs from other complex physiotherapeutic equipment.

Does not require grounding which allows therapy bedside, seated or standing. Therapy can be performed through clothes, gauze or bandages and does not require direct contact to the skin.

Compact and easy to use in clinics or a home and does not require special medical training.

Similar devices have been used for years to treat fractures, injuries and post operative wounds, but many of those devices were large and cumbersome. This device is small, making it perfect for clinics or for home use.

Traveling Pulsed Magnetic Field

( TPMF ) provides a strong therapeutic effect that has an analgesic, anti-edematous and anti-inflammatory action upon human organism. The TPMF therapy increases microcirculation in tissues and cells resulting in regeneration and activation of metabolic processes.

With application of ALMAG- 01 to the reflex zones will result in a stable hypotensive and sedative effect and also improves cerebral circulation. The important characteristic feature of TPMF is that it does not allow adaptation of the organism with its repeated use therefore increasing the repair and restoration of damaged tissue.

The Almag-01 can cause an increase in intercellular and intracellular exchange due to the interaction of charged particles. The magnetic field increases interactions between redox process chemical elements, helping to improve tissue and cell metabolism and enhancing the ionization process. Studies show the Almag-01 penetrates deeper than other devices, enough to influence internal organs. Frequencies are within 4-16Hz, the most biologically active.

The ALMAG- 01 is natural, safe and non invasive. It is a Drug free therapy that can be combined with other treatments and therapy without side effects.


  • Magnetic Induction 20+mT
  • Field Frequency 6.25Hz
  • Power 120V/ 60Hz
  • Safety II, B Type
  • Warranty 2 Years Manufacturer

Disclaimer: The information on this page is not created to replace the advice of a physician. No statements are intended to treat or diagnose illness. PEMF devices have been given 501(K) clearance by the FDA but the the Almag-01 has not been individually evaluated. It is FDA listed as a biofeedback device.

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