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Denas 3 - Discontinued

Denas 3

2 Year Extended Warranty $99.00

Denas 3
$475.00 + S+H

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( Simple & Limited Universal Unit )

New 2014 Base model: Basic frequencies for therapy and prevention. Improved display and sound.

You can help yourself and your family in cases of disease's acute symptoms. Indications: acute and chronic pain, trauma, respiratory, digestive, cardiovascular, endocrine, and genitourinary systems, rehabilitation after diseases and surgical interventions, increasing adaptive capacity of the organism during intense physical and mental stress, etc.

The model has a compact and ergonomic case, informative LCD display, countdown timer, a connector for external electrodes.

FOR YOUR ATTENTION: there are international symbols in the main menu, so that any language-speaking user can learn and apply it easily with English manual, that we provide. Also we give necessary materials in English about its application.  We provide free online consultation 24/7 days a week and Skype training in Denas therapy ONLY for our customers.

For a complete list of Use Applications and Precautions click here

Denas 3rd Generation has the following features:

  • Therapy 77 Hz- alternating pulses of 77 Hz and 10 Hz, relaxes, reduces blood pressure, helps to fall asleep, causes sedation (relieves coughing, asthma, choking in the area of throat. A characteristic feature of this regime relaxing (relaxing effect). This frequencies is recommended for people with symptoms of hypertension, a syndrome of vegetative dystonia of hypertensive type, people with sleep disorders. After a stroke, this frequency is very good for relaxation of paralyzed limbs muscles.
  • Therapy 140 Hz-   Applied in the same cause of  INTENSE pain relief,  plus in cases of acute inflammation, pain, acute illness, severe itching (insect bite, allergies), has pronounced decongestant effect, as well as relieving effect.
  • Program MED (Minimal Effective Dose)- is automatic program, which applied for rehabilitation and prevention in cases of physical and mental overexertion, syndrome of chronic fatigue and diseases of internal organs, including cold prevention during epidemics.

Accessories available for Denas - 3


The most pronounced therapeutic effect occurs as a result of a course of treatment, which lasts 6-8 procedures for some diseases and 14-20 procedures in other cases. There are contraindications for use. For proper procedures, as well as to determine the optimal combination with other treatments it is required to read the instructions for use or to consult with a specialist.

General Specifications for Denas-3:

  • Batteries: 2 AA
  • Frequencies: 10 Hz (MED mode), 77 Hz, 140 Hz;
  • Net weight………….. 0,73 lbs (0,3kg)
  • Dimensions ………...138×52×37 mm;
  • Capability to connect external therapeutic electrodes


12 months from the date of sale.

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